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Goal Summit

Learn how goals help your people get the right things done

Thursday, April 16, 2015 // San Francisco

John Doerr, Andy Page, Shona Brown, Dennis Woodside and other luminaries shared honest, unique thoughts on goal setting and management with more than 300 executives and business leaders at the first annual Goal Summit. Catch up on what you missed and be sure to mark your calendar for 2016.


John Doerr

General Partner, KPCB

Dennis Woodside

COO, Dropbox

John Maeda

Design Partner, KPCB

Shona Brown

Googler Emeritus

Kris Duggan

CEO, BetterWorks

Jason Lemkin

Managing Director, Storm Ventures

Alex Garden

President, Zynga

Andy Page

President, 23andMe

Wes Wu

VP of HCM Consulting Services, Appirio

Erik Volkerink

CTO, Flextronics

Jeff Ryan

VP of People, GoPro

Peter Wells

CEO, UpWind Solutions

Philip Potloff

COO & CIO, Edmunds.com

Margie Mader-Clark

VP of HR, Lookout

Don Sull

Senior Lecturer at MIT

Rich Clayton

VP Business Analytics Product Group, Oracle

Jevan Soo

Chief People Officer, Blue Bottle Coffee

Paul Reeves

Co-Founder, BetterWorks

Menaka Shroff

Marketing Lead, BetterWorks

Ciara Peter

Product Lead, BetterWorks

Alex Moffit

Goal Scientist, BetterWorks


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