Goal Summit

Build A Legacy | San Francisco | 2016

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  • Build a Legacy

    What does it take to build a lasting legacy? The BetterWorks CEO will kick off Goal Summit 2016 and dive into the day's theme.

    • Kris Duggan, BetterWorks
  • OKR Insights from the Prophet and the Practitioner

    Get the answers to the most common questions about implementing objectives and key results (OKRs) directly from the father of OKRs — John Doerr — and BetterWorks CEO Kris Duggan.

    • John Doerr, KPCB
    • Kris Duggan, BetterWorks
    • Menaka Shroff, BetterWorks
  • The New Organization: Different by Design

    Today's digital world has radically changed the way we work. In this research-based presentation, the Principal and Founder of Bersin by Deloitte will reveal the latest research on what makes "the new organization" thrive. Based on research among 7,000 organizations in 130 countries, he will highlight why the new organization is a "network of teams" and how culture, leadership, transparency and new models of management are critical to business success.

    • Josh Bersin, Bersin by Deloitte
  • Beyond the Legacy: Shaking up the Fortune 500

    For established brands like Kroger, IBM and Schneider Electric, transformation isn't always easy. This panel discussion will explore how large enterprises can add transparency and keep employees engaged through goal setting — and how to approach that change management.

    • Erin Sharp, Kroger
    • Sharon Abraham, Schneider Electric
    • Jake Schmidt, PwC
    • Guillermo Miranda, IBM
  • How to be a Kickass Boss Without Losing Your Humanity or Crushing Your Team

    Guidance — praise and criticism — is the key to being a good boss and building a great team. This interactive session will help you understand why feedback is so hard, and how you can get better at giving it, getting it and encouraging it on your team.

    • Kim Malone Scott, Twitter & Dropbox
  • The BetterWorks Crystal Ball: New Product and Platform Updates

    Curious what new features are coming to the BetterWorks platform in 2016 and beyond? Don’t worry, here’s your chance to get an exclusive sneak peek directly from the BetterWorks product team.

    • Ciara Peter, BetterWorks
    • Steve Hackney, BetterWorks
  • How to be a Successful Manager in Today’s Competitive Business Environment: Insights from Peter Drucker

    Hailed as "the man who invented management" and the father of MBO, Peter Drucker was one of the most influential business thinkers of all time. In this session, we'll explore how his teachings can be applied in today's business environment.

    • Rick Wartzman, The Drucker Institute
  • Man-Machine Symbiosis and Smart Enterprises

    In this fireside chat, the Co-Founder of Palantir and 8 | partners will share how the next generation of enterprise technology companies are going to capture valuable data assets and reshape core workflows across industries with AI.

    • Quentin Hardy, The New York Times
    • Joe Lonsdale, 8 | partners
  • Goals: The Missing Link Between Strategy and Execution

    Goals have been a part of workplace DNA for decades, but only recently have organizations relied heavily on goal setting to align employees and remain agile. In this session, you'll learn how goals can help make your company vision a reality.

    • Don Sull, MIT
  • Goal Setting for High-Growth Companies

    It's no secret that fast growing organizations have their own set of challenges. In this panel discussion, you'll learn how to manage teams in high-growth environments, common alignment and execution challenges, and how goal setting can make an impact.

    • Matt Hart, BetterWorks
    • John Chu, App Annie
    • Alex Barnett, RMS
    • Roger Corn, OpenX
  • Getting a Seat at the Table

    For many HR leaders, it's hard to imagine moving beyond reactive decision making to being able to focus on driving effective change. In this session, you'll hear how Randy has used data and innovative solutions to influence leadership at Google, SpaceX and Jawbone, plus learn how you can do the same.

    • Randy Knaflic, Jawbone
  • The Science Behind Effective Teams at Google

    Ever wonder what factors play into turning a group of individuals into an engaged, high-performing team? In this session, we’ll dive into Google’s best practices and recent research on the driving forces behind effectiveness. You’ll walk away with practical applications and ideas for your own organization.

    • Prasad Setty, Google
  • Challenging Everything You Know About HR

    Stemming from her time as Chief Talent Officer at Netflix, Patty McCord knows innovative, unconventional startup cultures. In this keynote, she'll challenge you to rethink how you approach HR and change the ways you motivate people, develop talent, build trust and connect business objectives to your people in order to create a dynamic, thriving company.

    • Patty McCord, Patty McCord Consulting
  • Leadership Insights from the Board

    Any leader knows how important it is to be backed up by a board of strategic advisors they can turn to for advice in uncharted waters. This panel discussion features some of the best in the business, ready to share their thoughts on leadership, operational excellence and the right way to lead and manage teams.

    • Karen Appleton, Box
    • Kaye Foster-Cheek, Boston Consulting Group
    • Cammie Dunaway, Red Robin, Marketo & Nordstrom

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